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Has Rihanna gone too far?

It isn’t very often that I’m lost for words, but that is exactly how I feel after watching Rihanna’s latest music video.

I bought Rihanna’s album for my niece for Christmas one year, when her songs were nothing more than playful pop music with only a few swear words here and there.

If this is the sort of thing that my children will be subject to growing up then I’m very worried. I would be even more concerned if I had girls. Musicians like Rihanna are so influential all over the world, and she has a lot of young fans, so is it wrong that she’s released this probably knowing full well that is the case?

On one hand I’m thinking she’s a grown woman trying to express herself creatively (That was me being nice about it) but what she’s essentially saying here is, if someone ever owes you money then this is what she would do.

It’s dark and disturbing to say the least, and there is nothing wrong with that but in my opinion it has to be situation appropriate.

I’m quite disappointed in Riri, I thought after a little break she would have come back with something amazing for our ears. But judging by this latest controversial vid I don’t think she really gives a shit what I, or anyone else thinks.

I’ll let you decide for yourself – here it is.

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