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One year ago, and I can’t stop thinking about the elephants

Heartbreaking, so much respect for the Elephant Nature Park in North Thailand!

Terroir Travel

I wasn’t sure how to explain it all back then, I was so exhilarated, angry, happy, deeply sad, and unsure if I could join education, activism, hope and joy into a single post.

Last December, I had an experience that changed my outlook. It’s the kind of thing that happens when you do something you hadn’t planned, and it turns out to be so much more than you could have imagined. When people ask, and they always do, “what was your favorite thing/place?” This experience stands so far above everything else, it’s not even in the category.

Going to the Elephant Nature Park was Brent’s idea. Sure, elephants are cool, okay, and I do love the critters in general. It was more that I wanted to spend on any one thing, but he arranged everything, and I was up for whatever he wanted to do, and he felt strongly about…

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