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How one project helps keep Cardiff’s street-based sex workers safe

Because Sex workers are still human! Support this amazing charity if you can spare a few quid! Really good outlook on this ever increasing local issue!

Silver Disco Daps

Last night I spent the evening with the outreach team of Streetlife, a project run by Safer Wales, to protect young people and adults in Cardiff from prostitution, abuse and sexual exploitation.  What their dedicated volunteers do REALLY matters. Here’s why.


My drive to work through Grangetown to the bay is a short, fairly tedious one. I do it on automatic pilot now. This morning, the sky was a riotous kaleidoscope of pinks and oranges that felt unseasonably pretty. And as I drove to my warm office, my 9-5 conformity, with Radio 4 droning in the background, I thought about how different the city looks bathed in daylight.

Last night I experienced an aspect of the city’s nightlife that is hidden to most of us. Every night in Cardiff, as in many other towns and cities, women work the streets, selling their bodies to scrape together a living. I thought about those…

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