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Because Boobs aren’t news!

Since I was a young girl I’ve been accustomed to seeing images of half naked women in the media. I can remember being about 5 or 6, reading the newspaper over my dads shoulder and seeing a page 3 model for the first time. I can’t remember what I thought at the time, but I think the worst thing is, I never questioned it. I never wondered why it was okay for women to be portrayed like that.


I don’t read the sun and I probably never will but regardless of what I think and do, it’s still probably one of the most popular tabloids in the UK. Rupert Murdoch believes page 3 is iconic for Britain, and if that is true then that is really sad. I believe that women only do these things because it pays to do so, if it didn’t then I wonder how many half naked women we would see paraded about the media and the internet? I don’t believe they aren’t doing it to liberate themselves.

My frustration is that most young girls will look to that as inspiration, will dream of having perfect breasts, a tiny waist and a big bum. You are worth way more than what you look like, and especially what you look like naked. Women do amazing things every day in business, in politics, in sport and so much more, but we hardly hear about it. No-one seems interested and yet a woman can reveal a naked body to break the internet and gets world wide recognition within minutes.

I have three beautiful nieces, and people always comment on how beautiful they are and yes they are extremely beautiful I can’t deny that. But they are also a combination of many talents, they can play instruments, sing, dance, they are athletic and creative and artistic and intelligent. They have so many qualities to offer the big wide world, like so many other young girls. Yet the focus always seems to be on how they look.

Luckily they would never be influenced by media, and not all people are. I’m not saying that Page 3 makes young girls want to take their clothes off as that would be an unfair comment, what I’m trying to say is that we need to start celebrating women for more than their physical beauty. I don’t usually agree with these social ‘experiments’ as a lot of them lately have been quite sexist and one sided but I enjoyed this one because it really hits home. That is why I signed the petition and that is why I’m sharing this video. Just because we are used to it, it doesn’t mean we have to put up with it. #NMP3

Please watch the video and sign the petition, if you feel as strongly as I do!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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