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Dappers Downfall : Did he bring it on himself?


There’s much so much uproar about dapper laughs lately and I admit I was glad that his show was pulled off ITV but after I watched his interview on Newsnight, I can’t help but feeling really sorry for him.

I know, I know, his jokes were tasteless and sexist and degrading against women and I’m not trying to condone it in anyway but does he deserve to be targeted this much? At first I thought yes, of course, and I’m still of the view that his show needed to pulled simply for the fact of the comment ‘She’s gagging for a rape’. But now I’m starting to wonder whether he should be the only one to blame?

The reason I feel sorry for dapper is because the media as they often do, built him up and just brought him back down again. He just started off as a man making vines (some of his early vines even made me chuckle) and then all of sudden out of nowhere he accumulated this huge fan base, and the people that enjoyed his sense of humour I suppose, were the ones who got him to the point where he was able to air an ITV show.

I truly believe that the popular ‘Lad’ culture and his demographic of followers got to his head, and unfortunately people take money over morals. This won’t dent ITVs reputation, they will still go on to produce shows and make money, Dapper to them at the time was dollar signs, they saw he had a huge following and they grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

My point is the media don’t care about the real issue and if no petition was signed they would probably air another series, but Dapper laughs or Daniel O’Reilly, Which is his real name, has been just left to deal with the backlash. There will probably be lots of people saying he deserves it, and I can understand that completely but I don’t think he’s entirely to blame and I do think that lately there has been an influx of man hating media attention, and I can’t help but think people are just jumping on a bandwagon.

I think this whole lad culture is really damaging to young men and I’ve said this before but if you’ve ever read a thread of comments on a popular blog such as UniLad for example, you would see that women also adopt these same views and sense of humour and just because they are called ‘Lad’ bible or Uni ‘Lad’ they have just as much of a female following, and females do often comment in agreement.

There’s been so many social experiments as well that just show men in a negative light, and there is a difference between raising awareness of real issues and trying to tarnish all men with the same brush. The reason I say this is because I am all for raising awareness of these issues and I’ve been affected by some of them myself, but they are not going to be taken seriously if they are not addressed fairly.

Take your social experiment to Cardiff City Centre on a Saturday night and you would see that it’s not just men that are foul mouthed and aggressive or derogatory, some of the behaviour I’ve witnessed from women has shocked me. There has been times I’ve been harassed on a night out and it’s not nice and I’m glad were raising awareness but there has also been times where a man has helped me into a taxi and got me home safely when I’ve had too much to drink, and I think this needs to be acknowledged too. There needs to be more focus on the issue at hand and less focus on gender because believe it or not, not all men are bad.

If thousands of people can sign a petition to get Dapper laughs off the television, think of the impact that could make to a charity that helps victim of sexual abuse and rape if those thousands volunteered or donated or raised awareness? So rather than just joining in on the uproar for fifteen minutes, go and do something positive about it. Not all men are monsters and not all women are saints, and I think this needs to be recognised before feminism and what it stands for is seen as a joke.

These are my thoughts but I’d love to hear yours, so do you think it was fair or do you think it was an over-reaction? Comment below or send me your views at:

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