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Why Lad Culture can be so damaging for young men …


I do really feel sorry for kids these days growing up (way too fast) in such an over-sexualised culture. Porn is more accessible than ever before, social media is full of sexual images and videos, even the music that they listen too isn’t safe with the likes of Nicki Minaj and Rihanna releasing songs like ‘Anaconda’ and ‘Pour it up’. And don’t even get me started on twerking, just don’t go there.

The reason for my rant today is that recently I’ve been reading headlines concerning women (teachers in most cases) engaging in sexual intercourse with minors. Now as much as no one likes to read news like this (Well, I certainly don’t) my first thought was that It’s actually quite refreshing that women are being shamed for these hideous crimes. A minor is someone that is under the age of full legal responsibility, which in my eyes means that they’re a child and as well as being plain wrong, these women in particular are abusing a position of trust.

Now what is so worrying about these headlines that have come to light over the past few weeks isn’t the fact that it was a women perpetrator. For me, it’s the reaction. A few reactions to the article just sum up exactly why LAD culture is so damaging to young men. When commenting on the article in question and the fact the boy had pressed charges, responses were mainly along the lines of:

‘What a pussy’

‘Well in son’

‘Does she do home schooling’

‘Why did this never happen to me in school’

And when a sensible young man acknowledges the fact that it’s wrong, he gets called ‘A virgin’. Sigh!

Casey J. Cota · Nixa, Missouri

This comment forum is CRAWLING with creeps. So bad. : /

Yep, it just so happens that the teacher in question was easy on the eye, but would they still have the same reaction if she wasn’t slim and beautiful? Why is it all of sudden okay for a grown woman to take advantage of a minor just because she is ‘Fit’. I guess my point is, if this were a man and it was young girl, the reaction would be complete and utter uproar and the man would be branded a sicko or a peado.

1 in 25 sexual assaults are against men, with 14% of rapes having male victims yet men are continually underrepresented when it comes to domestic and sexual violence. But if men continue making a ‘joke’ about it or encouraging it with ‘Banter’ then those men that have experienced sexual assaults will continue to be underrepresented, because they will fear a negative reaction and not being taken seriously.

My frustration is, that engaging in sexual intercourse with a minor is wrong, even if it is consented it is still against the law. It is wrong when a male does it and it is also wrong when a female does it. Those that are glorifying these incidents need to realise the harm they are causing, for fearing a negative reaction or fear or not being a ‘LAD’ could be the reason one young man doesn’t speak out about his abuse and the perpetrator could possibly go on to physically and mentally scar another young person. Regardless of our gender, we need to stand up against what is wrong and stop glorifying sexual abuse.

If you’ve been affected by grooming, sexual abuse or rape then there is help out there, please don’t suffer in silence:

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